​The most effective plans are usually simple

Investing Time in Yourself To Make Your Life Better With The Podfit ​​Traffic Light Food Tracking System

Discover the secrets to ​short and long term  ​weight loss with this simple and effective food tracking.  Track weekly in 10 minutes and learn to correct poor eating choices one meal at a time, easily.

Everything You Need For Long Term Success

​A simple, proven meal tracking system that will help you get results quickly and teach you strategies for long term weight management and increased energy
The ​Podfit Traffic Light Food Tracking System is used by our studio clients and it is a key element to their success. It is available in two main formats.

How To Fill Out Your Food Diary in 3 Easy Steps

Record What you eat, why you ate it and if it is red, amber or green.  Aim for 15 green meals, 3 amber and 3 red.  

1.  Track What You Eat
2.  Track Why You Eat

3.  ​Score it?

​What To Expect

​Things you will learn and improvements you can expect to see


  • Learn how to score meals in a instant, so you know whether a meal is helping you lose weight or not. 
  • Learn the magic formula for fat loss of green, amber and red meals.
  • Learn how to spot poor eating behaviours and correct them with a simple one meal at a time system.
  • ​​Find out how to make green meal choices whenever and where ever you are.
  • Learn how many green, amber and red meals you need in order to feel energised and in control of your weight.


  • ​Discover your MAGIC FOOD FORMULA.  This is the combination of red, amber and green meals you need to each each week in order to hit and maintain your goals.
  • Lose fat quickly and keep it off.
  • Minimise the need for Physiotherapists,  Chiropractors and other health services.
  • Have a really positive relationship with food and eat the foods you love and that are good for you
  • Establish a food routine that decreases inflammation and reduces your pain
  • Make healthy choices most of the time automatically.


Food tracking is a really important part of making lasting changes to your diet, in order to hit and maintain your weight goals.  The Podfit Traffic Light System makes a plan, with weekly targets.  It's far better if you work to a plan, until the weight loss is the result of a series of habits that happen automatically.

​Take a look at how our simple traffic light meal scoring system works

The Simple 3 Step System

Record what you eat, why you ate it and if it is red, amber or green.  Aim for 15 green meals, 3 amber and 3 red.  Correct red meals one meal at a time. Build positive momentum and feel amazing and motivated to continue.




Here’s what people are saying about​ ​Podfit's Traffic Light Food Tracking System

"Amazing, professional and friendly place. Brilliant Personal Trainers who know what they are doing and it really works, with huge amount of support. Would recommend 100%." 


​​Weight Loss Client

​Lost 10KG

​The Planning and Food Tracking sheets that I have followed consistently, have enabled me to loose 10 Kgs in 4 months


​Weight Loss Client

​​Lost 30 kg

​I'm in double figures with the amount of diets I've tried and not succeeded at.  Podfits food plans and trackers mixed with the exercise has meant I've lost 30kg in just over 6 months. The best thing of all is I've never eaten so much and the food is delicious


​​​Weight Loss Client/Lower Back Pain

​Lost 10KG

​​Losing 2 stone has been a tough struggle, eased by having an effective tracking form to provide a reality check on what and how much food I have eaten. It's easy to kid yourself but logging the reality keeps things real.

How to Be Successful With The Podfit Food Traffic Light Food Diary

​Diet is the biggest component to losing fat — you can burn 600 calories (for example) in a workout, but you can easily eat 2-3 times that much in one sitting if you’re eating junk food. ​You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.  A pound of fat is 3500 calories.

​We  still recommend getting active and burning calories as much as you can ​but if you really want to lose fat, you need to look at your diet.

​​Eat real, whole foods you love. Do NOT see this as a sacrifice. If you hate carrots ​but you eat them because they’re somehow “virtuous” or you think that sacrifice is the only way to lose that fat, you’ll fail. You cannot stick to something you hate for very long. Instead, go for healthy foods you actually enjoy eating. For ​example, berries, fruits of all kinds, raw almonds, veggies cooked tastefully in stir-fries or chili or what have you. Your list will be different, and it could take some experimenting with different recipes ​ ​The main rule of thumb, ​is to try for real foods, not packaged ones (not even “healthy” convenience foods). In as natural a state as possible — meaning, not processed or extracted, not fried or smothered with cream or sauces.

Improve step by step. Cut back a little at a time. You don’t have to go from a standard ​UK Diet to a diet of Only Raw Carrots in one day (nor should you ever eat only raw carrots, but you know what ​we mean). Try a meal plan that’s a little better than the diet you’ve been eating​. ​Try cutting out the liquid calories at first, or adding more fruits or veggies you love. ​ Start by cutting the calories just a little. ​Your first meal plan doesn’t have to be perfect — just a little better. Then, once you get used to that, make a meal plan that’s a little better yet — maybe a ​red meal less, more veggies, less fatty stuff, less snack food, or more real food. With each iteration of your meal plan, you get a little better. ​

Look ahead for bumps, and plan. We all have those bumps in our routines: an office party, someone’s birthday dinner, going on a date with your ​partner, taking a trip, being on the road all day and not having access to your usual foods. The key is to think ahead — what’s going on tomorrow? How will I deal with it? Should I pack food, or find out what the menu is at the restaurant so I can pick something healthy, or should I use this as a ​RED​ meal? If you don't plan ahead, the chances are you will naturally eart more than 3 red meals in a week. ​​Plan ahead and prepare — as you keep doing this, you’ll get good at packing snacks or meals so you’re covered, no matter what the occasion and you will be making GREEN choices on auto pilot

Cheat, & don’t feel guilty. Guilt often derails people from meal plans — they indulge and then feel like they failed, and so they stop. Don’t fall into this trap. You’re not going to be 100% compliant to any plan — shoot for 90% and be happy if you come close to that. Know that you’ll cheat sometimes, and make this part of your plan. Plan to have RED meals.  However, learn to control the cheating: only do it a couple times a week, perhaps, and even then don’t just pig out. And don't cheat two days running.  RED Friday means Green Saturday!   Eat reasonable portions of things you’d consider cheating, eat them slowly and enjoy them, and then move on. Get back to ​green and amber meals straight away​. ​

A Few Warnings

​​Watch out for sneaky calories

​​​do not starve yourself

​​Do not make it extreme

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The ​Podfit Traffic Light Food Tracking System is used by our studio clients and it is a key element to their success. It is available in two main formats.