Are You Fed Up Of Hiding Under Your Clothes?...

Are you tired with your lack of progress?

​​With BRAND NEW SEMI PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING, you will be able to benefit form all the features of our award winning personal training at a fraction of the price.  And you will get the chance to be part of this programme from the start, but only for a limited time and for a limited number of people.  

The Benefits of Our Programme :

Expert Tuition

We have a team of expert trainers with a wide range of knowledge in many area of fitness.

Group Motivation

Working in a group not only builds camaraderie, you will reduce the risk of injury and feel a great sense of belonging.

Nutrition Planning

Our food plans come with recipes and shopping lists and are simple to integrate into a busy lifestyle.

Closed Facebook Group

Share your wins and support everyone in your shared quest for a healthy lifestyle.  Benefit from exclusive content.

Habit Coaching

Retrain your brain to make smart food, drink and exercise choices automatically with our in house built habit trainer, Habitpal.

Home Workouts

Get home workouts sent to your phone to reinforce the studio sessions and to get you results faster and to enjoy training independently.

Weekly Phone Call

Get that 1-2-1 feeling with a personal phone call with one of our expert trainers to discuss any exercise, food or habit issues.

Goals Achieved

This is the only programme of it's kind in York and we know that if you follow it, you will achieve your goals quickly and have lots of fun along the way!

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

Select Testimonials
Select Testimonials

The best part of Podfit is the accountability I feel of having a PT... so not making excuses not to exercise, and also the variety - no two sessions have been the same so far.

Sue McIntosh

Tom is a great personal trainer and the sessions are all designed to make sure that I hit my own goals. I have had great progress so far and am much stronger as a result. The gym has private spaces, each with it's own set of equipment which is great if you don't want to be on show. Convenient place in York centre and sessions can start as early as 6am meaning that I can get it done before I start work! 5 stars - definitely recommend!

Kirsty Bramley

As an unfit & overweight 37yr old (and complete gym novice) I was daunted at the prospect of starting PT sessions but after a couple of recommendations gave Podfit a try and have to say I’m really enjoying being a member. It’s not just the once-a-week workout itself. It’s the expert advice and encouragement from friendly trainers about training, diet, and an all-round healthier approach to your day. I’d say the mental health benefits to me are just as evident as the physical benefits. I’ve tried joining gyms in the past, and never stuck at it, but Podfit has changed all that. Bring it on


I love that as a complete gym novice I have been shown what I can do not what I can’t. I was so nervous walking up those stairs but was made to feel completely at ease. Podfit has shown me how to enjoy exercise and I always feel that my sessions are personal to me. I now not only look and feel so much better but have a new confidence and a love for exercise.

Kerry Knox
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What You Will Get ​With This Programme

  • Secure your time and reserve your preferred time for you entire contract
  • Get your early adopter discount
  • Receive a link to download a food plan to get you started today
  • Get a link to our habit coaching app to get you started today
  • Invitation to our closed member group
  • Podfit t-shirt (first 10 applicants only)

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    This Is Your Chance To Get The Early Adopter Rate Today

    This early adopter rate is only available for a very limited time, so buy this today and make sure you get your ticket to the hottest fitness ticket in town!



    ​1 session per week

    6 ​week programme

    • SOLD OUT


    1 Session Per week

    6 month contract

    • 6 pm Monday or
    • 7 pm Monday or
    • 6 am Tuesday or 
    • 7 am Tuesday

    £120 per month


    2 Sessions Per week

    ​6 month contract

    £200 per month

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