​The Podfit Referral System


​You Get Results

​First and foremost, we're here to make sure you ge the results you expect.  When that happens, you will want to tell other people how you did it.


​​Who Do You Think We Can Help?

​Think of family members, colleagues or friends who would benefit from our services.  You can give us as many names as ypou can think of!


​Give ​The Gift Of Health

​Complete a simple form or let your trainer have their name and contact details. We will ​send them a gift voucher for a free lifestyle consultation and a free training session​ to let them experience our services.  They can decide if they want to join, with NO SALES PRESSURE.  You know that's not how we do things.


​Get Your Reward

If they sign as a client we will give you a local store gift voucher or a free session, whichever you prefer.