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The Traffic Light Food Tracking System

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About this course

This is the first nutrition course in a series of 3 courses that will help you establish a successful, long term food routine, so that you never feel the need to "diet" again. It will explain the traffic light system and teach you how to score your meals accurately, every time.

Course Time: 20 minutes

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How To Begin 1 Lesson

The Traffic Light System

The traffic light system helps you see very quickly whether meals are helping you towards your goals or not. It is fundamental to use this in all meals if you want to be successful in the long run.  In time, this will become second nature, however, until it does, use the guide to analyse the colour of each of your meals.

Identifying Green, Amber and Red Meals 2 Lessons

How To Track Using The Traffic Light System

This quiz will help you decide on whether your meal is helping you towards your primary goal

Lifestyle Blueprint Course

The Food Tracking Spreadsheet

You are going to need to track food in order to be successful.  However, we need you to be able to recognise whether what you eat is a good meal in relation to your goals and your health or not and to help with this we use a simple traffic light system

Lifestyle Blueprint Course

Conclusion 1 Lesson

Have You Learned How To Track Food?

Make sure you understand the rules of food tracking, using the traffic light system, before you move on.