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The Podfit Lifestyle Blueprint

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What Is The Podfit Lifestyle Blueprint?

In short, it is our fool-proof solution to you feeling healthy, fit, full of energy, with increased motivation and reduced aches and pains.

Our programmes are not a quick fix, but they do offer you a lifetime solution.  We are tired of the fitness industry offering you dramatic quick fix solutions: You know deep down that they do not work in the long term and sooner or later they will bring you back to this point, looking for something that works for you permanently. 

Whereas some of the immediate results of starting our programme might be improved energy, fitness and weight loss, we also deliver a much longer-term solution.  It is a programme of study, where we will help you to master the 4 pillars of health (movement, nutrition, mindset and relaxation), so that the results you get are long lasting and that you continue to look and feel healthier than ever. 

Work your way through this course to get a really good idea of how our programme is going to help you.  When you complete it, which will only take you about 20 minutes, you will get access to the rest of the programme. You will have access to all courses straight away and you can take them in any order at any time, in order to suit your goals.  You can and should repeat courses to fully implement the teachings. 


Course Structure

Lifestyle Blueprint Course

Pillar 1: Meaningful Movement

Lifestyle Blueprint Course

Pillar 3: Building A Positive Mindset

Lifestyle Blueprint Course

Pillar 4: Rest and Relaxation

Lifestyle Blueprint Course

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Lifestyle Blueprint Course

How Much Money Is Your Lifestyle Costing You?

We know that life is busy and goes at a hectic pace.  So we make some short cuts with our leisure and relaxation and nutrition.  It's not cheap

Lifestyle Blueprint Course

Finding your perfect lifestyle programme

What is the one product you really need to purchase today to make sure you start getting balance in your life, so that you achieve your short and long term health and fitness goals?


Lifestyle Blueprint Course

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