Podfit Clients

Getting Started With Podfit

1 Chapter 5 Lessons

About this course

This is the first course you take when you become a Podfit Client.  

This course will help you assess 

  • How you feel about your current health and fitness
  • How balanced your lifestyle is

It will outline what you need to do and how the online content works progressively to give you the best chance of success.

Time to take: 30 minutes

Course Structure

Lifestyle Blueprint Course

Welcome 5 Lessons

How you feel about your health and fitness?

Take this opportunity to think about how you feel at the start of your journey.  Assess your how you feel about you health and fitness and how well balanced your life is in terms of the 4 pillars of health: Exercise, food, mindset and relaxation.

How well balanced is your life?

How well balanced are the 4 pillars of health in your life?  Exercise, food, mindset and relaxation.

Getting Started

A race is not won in the first few steps, but it can be lost.   The same is true in most aspects of  life. A good start makes the rest easier and lays a foundation to build upon. 

Best Practice

Make sure you take this lesson on board if you want to achieve a well balanced lifestyle.

Outcomes and Next Steps

Check that you have completed all the course requirements and find out what's coming next