28 Day Challenge

28 Day Alcohol Free Challenge

30 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Take a challenge that will really benefit you.  Reduce anxiety, improve sleep, lose weight, boost productivity and motivation, save money and feel generally much happier. We will give you all the tools to make sure you succeed and become the HEALTHIEST, HAPPIEST, MOST PRODUCTIVE version of YOU.

Make sure you have taken the Benefits of Cutting Out Alcohol Course before you take this challenge.  There is an opt-in at the end of the course which triggers the daily emails to support you.

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Taking this challenge will help you to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, lose weight, boost productivity and motivation, save money and feel generally much happier.

Day 1

First of all, well done for committing to making healthy changes to your daily routine. The purpose of this course is to aid you in your journey by offering daily support and advice and give you the tools going forward to make your own choices.

Day 2

Goal setting is a crucial aspect for any health and fitness related goal. This challenge should be no different.

Day 3

Tackling outside influences, such as peer pressure, is perhaps the most difficult situation you'll find yourself in during this challenge.

Day 4

Life doesn't always have to revolve around alcohol.

Day 5

Are you a person who will happily drink at home?

Day 6

Should you start to struggle during this challenge, we have another top tip for you:

Day 7

Habit change is a concept we love to focus on here at Podfit. The best way to break bad habits, such as drinking alcohol routinely, is to inflict change and dress them up as new, good habits.

Day 8

It's now time to consider going public with your challenge.

Day 9

Along with weight-loss, the majority of people doing this challenge will be doing it because of the positive impact it will have on their health.

Day 10

Keep active! The greatest appetite suppressant of all, in our opinion, is exercise. Exercising can actually decrease appetite by changing the levels of hormones that drive our state of hunger.

Day 11

Make a list of positive things in your life.

Day 12

One of the best things we at Podfit think you can do, is book yourself in for some kind of fitness related event.

Day 13

No more hangovers!

Day 14

Stay strong! And review your progress, so far.

Day 15

You are now halfway through the challenge. Keep it going!

Day 16

Find a friend to do this challenge with. Okay, they will be starting later than you, but having someone to share this experience with can only be a positive thing.

Day 17

Are you someone who once lacked willpower? Fear of missing out? Hard to say no if a tasty dessert is placed in front of you?

Day 18

How have you found this challenge?

Day 19

During this challenge and thereafter, we want you to be able to fight off negative emotions and bring a feeling of positivity to your day.

Day 20

What if you have a big social event coming up?

Day 21

How much money you are saving during this challenge?

Day 22

What else could you do to keep your mind occupied? Especially during those prime-time hours when it is easy to reach for a glass of wine.

Day 23

When was the last time you took a couple of days off, from life stresses, kids, and the altogether chaos of the modern world?

Day 24

Just 5 more days to go.

Day 25

A little reminder about the health benefits you are seeing from abstaining from alcohol. And a gentle reminder about some of the negative affects alcohol has on our bodies.

Day 26

There is evidence to suggest that successfully completing goals can be contagious. What you are doing in this challenge makes you and those close to you, want to set further goals.

Day 27

How have you changed during this 28-day alcohol-free challenge?
Physically? Aesthetically? How about psychologically?

Day 28

This is day 28; the final day of your challenge.

Next Steps

What to do next and in what time frame.