Nourish Not Punish

Our fundamental belief is that your body should feel nourished, not punished.  Nourishment is defined as 'food that you need to grow and stay healthy'.  There is a balancing act to this and it is different for everyone, which is why you will need to find your own, personal long term solution. Here's how to create your own nutritional philosophy, based around nourishment.




The first thing you need to have is food education.  If you have knowledge and understanding of food groups and how they respond in your body, then you have a good chance of establishing something you will stick to.  If you just follow a diet, without learning, it won't be long before you give up.  We will give you all the education you need.



Decide on how much importance food plays in your life and plan around this.  If you love cooking, trying out new foods every week and you eat out at least 3 times every week because you love doing it, then perhaps you might have to accept that you will not eat a healthy, balanced plate often enough and be OK with it. 

The reality for most people, is that they love certain foods. If these foods are good, eat them frequently.  If the foods you love are not good for you, eat them sparingly and really enjoy eating them.



As a follow on from making you food choices personal, balance is important. If your goal for food is to help you feel healthy, energised and in control of your weight, then the balance needs to reflect that.  Eat well 6 days out of 7 or apply the 80/20 rule.



Planning, cooking, and eating should be fun.  Learn how to eat mindfully and appreciate food.