investing time in yorself to make your life better

Investing Time in Yourself To Make Your Life Better With The Podfit Lower Back Clinic

Discover the secrets to unlocking your lower back problems and leading a pain free life with unrestricted movement and complete flexibility.

Everything You Need For Long Term Success

The Podfit Lower Back Personal Training Clinic has limited availability, however, Neil would love to hear from you if you are suffering from back problems to discuss when he can help you.

What To Expect

Things you will learn and improvements you can expect to see


  • The go to daily exercises to mobilise your spine and get you up and moving at the start of the day  
  • Learn how to engage your core properly, in an instant, so that you minimise the risk and frequency of painful back twinges
  • Learn how get down to the floor and up off the floor safely, so that you can work on your spinal mobility on even the most difficult days
  • Learn how to adapt your eating during periods of pain related lower activity periods, so you don't pile on pounds and inches
  • Learn the best and safest way to developing a really strong core, so that you live pain free
  • Benefit from extensive lifestyle coaching from a lower back expert


  • Build the confidence to take on activities of daily living,  such as cleaning, gardening, or walking the dog
  • Learn how to exercise safely with bodyweight
  • Minimise the need for Physios, Chiropractors and other health services
  • Establish a food routine that decreases inflammation and reduces your pain


The word expert is thrown around too much in the fitness industry.  Neil, however, is a lower back pain expert with the qualifications, personal experience and professional results, making this a unique opportunity for you to fix your lower back issues and develop and deeper understanding of how to live a pain free life.

Here’s what people are saying about the Podfit Lower Back Clinic

Daphne Day

Lower Back Pain CLient

Pain Free and 10 Kg Lighter

After suffering a bad fall which resulted in broken vertebrae and compacted discs I really struggled to live a normal life. I had physio and tried swimming and joined a gym, but nothing helped the back pain and with lack of exercise I put on weight. This went on for nearly two years until I was recommended to Neil at Podfit. He has turned my life around, he is not only a superb personal trainer, he knows first hand about back pain and nutrition. Since my first appointment three months ago I have lost almost one and a half stone but more importantly, I am 99% pain free. I can now go out and walk for hours instead of looking for seats every ten minutes. He has supported me totally and I feel he has given me my life back. I can recommend him for anyone who needs to be fitter.

Take a look at the different phases

The three phases are thoroughly planned, and have been 


Phase One: Rehab

  1. Pain Management:  Identify your main pain movements and learn stretching and relaxation techniques to reduce pain straight away
  2. Mobilisation Techniques: Learn a variety of spinal mobilisation moves that will reduce stiffness in your lower back, and allow the back to begin free movement
  3. Basic Core Programme:  Low intensity movements to keep the back moving freely and to start to build core strength at a very progressive and personal level
  4. Foundation Nutrition for Reduced Inflammation:  Take our nutrition courses and learn how to eat well and to eat to reduce inflammation


Phase Two: Stability

  1. Pillar Strength:  Work on other areas of the body such as the hips and the shoulders, which are vital to build a strong, confident body with long lasting reduced pain
  2. Bodyweight Exercises:  Learn how to build progressive home workout routines which build pillar strength and fitness
  3. Core Strength:  Take the exercises learned in phase 1 and add difficulty, concentrating on unilateral work, so the body works one side at a time, to increase core strength equally on both sides of the body


Phase Three: Movement

  1. Meaningful Movement:  Put together a lifestyle programme of exercise that includes strength work in a gym or at home, fitness work and lifestyle health activities like walking and swimming to prepare for independent exercise.  
  2. Pillar Strength And Conditioning:  quats, Deadlifts, Clean and Press and other Olympic Lifts are brilliant for building a strong core and YES, you will be able to do this!
  3. Speed And Power:  Move explosively and with power to reduce further injury including jumping and twisting exercises and YES, you will be able to do this!

About The Course Teacher, Neil Owens

When I was a teenager, all I ever wanted to do was play professional football and I signed for York City Football club at 13. About a month after signing, I broke my leg playing for my school, Thirsk, in an away fixture at Stokesley. Its one of those moments I can recall like it was yesterday and it was to be one that shaped my life and indeed my spine. I broke both the bones in my lower left leg and the tibia was fractured on the growth plate. I had surgery to put the bones back into alignment and I was told that the leg might not grow properly because of the position of the fracture. However, 5 months later I was playing for York City's youth team, I had a bright future ahead of me and I forgot about my leg, which had healed perfectly.....

I slipped a lumbar disc 3 times before I was 30. Then things got seriously bad...

Each one progressively more painful, resulting in more time off work than the previous one and by the time my left leg was officially diagnosed as being over 2 inches shorter than the right, I was in a lot of pain on a daily basis. Playing football of any kind was a distant memory. Eventually I had problems in my lower back and my neck and this resulted in a spinal fusion (see right). The fusion fixed my neck, but I still had lots of lower back pain and it was making my life difficult to enjoy to the full.

I was cared for by a great surgeon at Leeds General Infirmary, Gerry Towns, who told me to develop a strong core and began to research what this meant. Over a decade later, I have developed a comprehensive professional library for spinal health ranging from rehabilitation to strength, including a wealth of priceless core strengthening exercises and tips and strategies for mobilising the spine at work.

Here’s what people are saying about Podfit and Neil

"Amazing, professional and friendly place. Brilliant Personal Trainers who know what they are doing and it really works, with huge amount of support. Would recommend 100%." 


Muscle weakness

72 years old with some neurpathic problems

I am 72 with some Neurpathic problems which require careful understanding relative to exercise and training. Neil thoroughly understood my requirements and he is highly recommended.


lower back pain 

Herniated disc, sciatica and nerve pain

The support combined with realistic challenge from the trainers is second to none - personalised to individual circumstances, relevant to need and aspiration.


Back and Hip Issues

Back, hip, leg and foot injuries

Neil has gone the extra mile for me to help with the injuries I have. Helping me fix things to be able to carry on training.

The Podfit Lower Back Clinic Will Fix These Issues  

If your back pain is costing you more than money, then you should do something about it.  Your health is the most important aspect of your life and if you are suffering with back pain, you will already know, that you can't enjoy life fully without it

What is your backpain costing you?  What impact will it continue to have on your life if you don't fix it?

Weight gain is a typical issue for peopoe suffering with back pain, which adds more pressure to the spine, causing more pain.

Lack of mobility becomes a bigger issue and if you don't learn how to mobilise the spine, it will become so stiff that it fuses, permanaently.

Activities of daily living

Limited Spaces Available

Don’t wait! Look at some of the exercises you will be able to do in Phase 3