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​Investing time in yourself to make your life better

“​​The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy..”

- ​​Kenneth H. Cooper -

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About The Course Teacher, ​Neil Owens

​I've always been passionate about exercise, but from an early age, I have needed to adapt the types of workouts I perfrom, for two main reasons: Firstly time and secondly, body limitations.   I've got some back issues including fused vertebra and  scoleois, so I need core strength and exercises that don't ​stress the lowerback too much.  I've got a family and I run a business, so I need efficient training routines that don't take hours. 

As you get older, you will have less time and more aches and pains and I ​created these home workouts to make sure it combines fitness, core strength and safety, in a really time efficient way.

​Have Your 15 Minutes of Fame

​Apply for your chance to be a Podfit Fitness 15 Minute workout ​model.  The fitness industry often uses fitness models who are not representative of their target audience.  We want to change that and in the process, show that our workouts are extremely relevant to our target audience by using people just like you to showcase our workouts.  Upload a video of yourself doing one of our workouts and you may get the opportunity to attend a free weekend retreat where you will shoot your own 15 minute workouts.


​15 Minute Instructor

​Matt has been a client since 2019

​The 15 minute workouts were the last Piece of the puzzle for me.  I was exercising in the studio, and following the Traffic Light Food Tracking System.  The home workouts gave me more daily energy and motivation and I lost weight much quicker with just 15 minutes of exercise 3 days per week

Personal Training in York


​Neil is the owner of Podfit and created the Podfit Anywhere 15 Minute Workouts

​I wanted to create short workouts that required no equipment, and that could be done in small spaces.  They are ideal for  the home or hotel rooms and they are designed to increase fitness, muscular endurance and to raise the metabolism to maximise fat loss.

Personal Training in York

​15 Minute Instructor

​Janette has been a client since 2019

​​​I started with the Academy programme, then I joined the elite programme and now I do one session of each.  The attention to detail and the care that has gone into this online support programme amazes me and makes realise how much ​Podfit cares about helping their members both in and outside of the studio.

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