April 10, 2019

We are always interested in different nutritional approaches and we are going to put a tried and tested method of gaining muscle with an experimental one of our own.

The BOWAN Diet

BOWAN stands for bottle of wine a night
It’s a simple stress busting diet for 90% of the population.
Just drink a bottle of wine a night on a troublesome diet and irregular exercise patterns.
That extra wine adds up to 700 calories a day with very little nutritional benefit.
BOWAN provides  a massive opportunity to forget about the massive calorie surplus

Why Wine?

Wine is nice
Wine consists of grapes, patience, passion and powdered tannins
That grape juice helps with greater muscle elasticity and perceived rhythm
Wine has everything a consistent drinker needs to get the job done
Wine is a liquid and liquid calories digest quicker than solid calories
You don’t need Gatorade or protein drinks Wine has your back

Is Bowan right for you?

Bowan is for guys and girls who have always drank wine
Guys and girls who think they are tubby because of their genetics or metabolism
The typical case is a mid forties specimen who weighs slightly above average for their age
With Bowan you can easily create a calorie surplus to gain weight

Why a bottle of wine?

Most people need 2000 Р2800 calories per day to maintain weight.  Wine sets you well on your way.
Wine is portable and requires no cooking.
If you’re a middle aged man or woman, BOWAN is definitely for you

Drink wine!

About the Author Neil Owens

Neil is paasionate about helping people become fitter

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