Why Do I Eat?

Lesson 1 Chapter 1

Have you ever given much thought to what type of eater you are? Well, much like fashion, everyone has his or her own personal style when it comes to eating habits.  Diet, frequency, and feelings of fullness and starvation alike all manifest differently in people. And while determining your personal eating type may sound self-explanatory, it’s actually more complex than you might think. Take this quiz and find out why you eat.

What To Do With This Information


Get A Suitable Food Plan

This will provide structure in the short term and it will help create food routines, which are important for your long term success.


Consistency First, Variety Second

Keep it as simple as possible and don't eat a different meal every meal time.  A routine is a routine and it becomes that because it’s repetitive.


Stick To It

If you plan wisely, it will be easier to stick to.  A successful food routine is a long term strategy that develops over time, which is manageable and helps you to maintain a healthy, lean body.