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The Traffic Light System

Lesson 1 Chapter 1

How you will score meals



A green meal is a healthy meal, with good sources of protein, healthy fats and vegetables and it will support weight loss, evenly spaced energy and gut health.



An amber meal is still a healthy choice, with good protein and fats, but with some good starchy carbs, which add essential fibre.  This meal may or may not help with weight loss, depending on your age, gender and metabolic health.



This is a meal which contains one or more unhealthy elements and will probably lead to weight gain.  Classic examples are pizza.  All meals with alcohol are scored as red.

Track With Confidence

The next lesson will give you a full proof method of accurate meal scoring in less then 60 seconds per meal, no matter what you eat.

This is system is a simple and accurate method of identifying green meals. It will also identify with some certainty amber and red meals, all of which will become more important to you in the coming weeks.  For now, just download a blank food diary and use it in the next lesson to work out the colour of every meal you eat for the next 7 days, starting with today's meals.