Lesson 1

Workout Format


Simple And Effective

All of the Podfit 15 minute workouts follow the same structure.  


How Many Do I Attempt Each Week?

The idea is to build up to be able to do 5 workouts every week, and to be able to complete some of the workouts all the way through without extra rest time.  When you are confident that you can do 5 in a week, you can take the 28 day fitness challenge. Until you take the 28 day fitness challenge, don't forget to schedule these 15 minute workouts every week into your Podfit Planning Tool and your smart phone.  Remember, it's much more likely to happen if you schedule it in!


What If I Find A Challenge Too Difficult? 

It's ok if you find any or all of the challenges too difficult to complete at the start.  Do as much of it as you can in 15 minutes, or take longer to complete the challenge, if you have time.  If you can only get to 7 or 8 for the 1-10 superset challenge, then that's ok.  When you repeat it, you should aim to go a step or two further until you can complete it.


What If I Find A Challenge Too Easy? 

That's Ok too.  If you find a particular challenge easy, move on to another one the next day.  If you find them all easy, its time to double up challenges and perform them back to back and to workout for 30 minutes each day. Just pick any two challenges and mix and match to suit.