How To Spot And Correct Poor Eating Patterns

Lesson 13 Chapter 4

Steps To Take

step 1

Analyse Your Completed Food Diary

Take a look at a completed food diary and see if you can spot patterns of red meals.  For example, do you eat poorly in the evening?

step 2

Apply Rules

Use the never fail twice rule if you are having too many red meals.  Pick a day or time that you ate poorly this week and make sure you don't repeat the red meal at the same time next week.

step 3

Make Extra Effort To Turn Red Meal Patterns Into Green, One Meal At A Time.

Look at your weekly food tracking form and see when you eat poorly.  If it happened 3 times last week, say, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then you have a pattern.  Pick one of those days next week, let’s say Friday and spend extra time planning a really special healthy meal.  Make sure you stick to this and apply the never fail twice rule to FRIDAY.  If last Friday was red, this Friday has to be green.  

step 4

Build Momentum

Repeat this process one meal at a time every week, until you find a formula of green, amber and red meals that helps you hit your goals.