How Long Do I Track Food For?

Lesson 14 Chapter 4

Guidlines For Food Tracking Length

step 1

Food Tracking Phase One: 4-6 Weeks

If you want to make sure you are going to be successful quickly, you should follow a food plan.  That way you are eating lots of planned meals, safe in the knowledge that the foods on the plan will help you hit your goals.  You can make your own plan or use one of ours.  Check out the food plans section.  A food plan will ensure that the majority of planned foods are green meals.  You want to start tracking food straight away, even though you have a plan.  It is important to find out whether you can stick to your plan and what happens on days when you forget your lunch, or on days that you opt not to follow the plan, so you can see the impact it has on your goals.

step 2

Food Tracking Phase Two: 4-8 Weeks 

In this second phase, you will need to establish two main objectives:

1.   Understanding of macronutrients and the impact they have on whether a meal is RED, AMBER, or GREEN.  Re-take the Macronutrients course if you need to.

2. How many green meals you need every week in order to hit your goals.

step 3

Food Tracking Phase 3

This is where you put your knowledge to the test.  The long term goal is to be making good autopilot food and drink choices.  If that isn't the case, you need to be making conscious food choices.