The Food Tracking Key

Lesson 11 Chapter 3

Why Are You Eating?

step 1

P = Planned Meal

This is important at the start of your journey.  The more planned meals you have the more successful you will be.  Make sure you have a plan, ether one of ours, or one of your own making.  An indication of a good plan is one that you can stick to for a number of weeks.

step 2

H = Hungry

Sometimes, you are going to feel hungry.  A pound of fat is the equivalent of 3500 calories, so that's a deficit of 500 a day to lose a pound a week.  What you eat when you are hungry is significant, so track and find out if this is a problem or not.  If it is, we will correct that in a later lesson.

step 3

E = Emotional Eating

This is very common. Evenings are often the most difficult time.  But you will learn the signs of emotional hunger as opposed to real hunger and again, learn to correct this in time.  Just get used to being honest with the tracking system and if you eat emotionally (stressed, tired, lonely, excited, drunk, sad, angry), make sure you note it in your plan, as always, without judgement.

step 4

A = Auto Pilot

“Remember 90% of food choices are made on auto pilot.”

We don't want to change this in the long term.  It just won't be possible.  But in the short term, you can take your food choices off auto pilot with good food triggers and sound planning.  In the long run, you want most of your auto pilot food choices to be green.  This takes planning in the early stages. Don't worry, we will cover this all in time.  For now, just make a note of all auto pilot food choices; red, amber or green!

step 5

D = Dined Out

If you eat out lots, you will need to learn to eat "green'" meals.  The less you eat out the more you can use this as a treat, but it is really good practice to learn how to say no.  Again, we will teach you how.  Include meals at friend's houses in this and when you entertain people.  See if this is a problem, or not.

step 6

Q = Quick Buy

Perhaps you forgot your lunch and need to purchase food when you are out.  Do you make good choices?  Just note it down, without judging yourself.  Find out the facts, so you can plan to correct problem meals.

step 7

Alcohol = Red

Any day with any alcohol is a red meal.  Just trust me on that.