Course Recap

Lesson 15 Chapter 5

What You Should Have Learned


Tracking Food Is Vital For Successful Food Routines

A tracking system is powerful knowledge when used correctly.  You can clearly see poor food choices and patterns and correct them one at a time.


Follow A Food Plan, Or Make Your Own

Fail to plan, plan to fail or so the saying goes. Would you build a house without a plan?  Would you get married and not bother to plan? So don't make food an after thought.


It Is Not A Quick Fix

This is about creating new subconscious food choices, so if you really want to lose weight and keep it off, stay focussed and invest the proper time and attitude to creating new food routines.


Use A Traffic Light System

It is easy to spot when you eat poorly and when you eat well using a simple traffic light system.


Use A Food Key

Finding out why you ate a meal is just as important as finding anything else out about it. This gives you the power to use careful planning to overcome poor food choices.


Learn To Spot Poor Food Patterns

The traffic light system and key work together to help you spot poor food patterns.


Swap Poor Meals For Good Meals One Step At A Time

You don't have to get from Start to Finish in one single step.  Make gradual changes, a meal at a time so you are able to build momentum and create lasting changes over time.


Find A magic Formula For Green, Amber & Red Meals

When you find the right combination, you will have a plan to work to every week.  A good guideline is to have at least 15 green meals every week. 


You Make 200 Food Decisions Every Day & 90% Are On Autopilot

You won't be able to stop your subconscious making decisions for you, so you will have to relearn behaviour.  You can make good autopilot food and drink choices if you retrain yourself to do it.  This is the only way that you will keep unwanted weight off in the long term.