The Podfit Wellbeing Apps are packed full of features, specifically designed to support hybrid or home workforces to improve movement, eating, drinking, thinking and sleeping, which will help to increase productivity.

Podfit Wellbeing

  • Podfit or Company Branding
  • App based content
  • Family sharing enabled (look after your employees family too)
  • Success strategy call
  • Livestream 15-30 minute workouts with 6 daily start times.
  • Community focussed exercise to maximise engagement
  • Hundreds of Fitness Videos on Demand 
  • Weekly live coaching call
  • Weekly live Q and A
  • Trophies and Challenges
  • Data Input and Data Tracking
  •  Accountability and in app messaging for support
  • Gamification
  • Monthly Training Webinar based on employee feedback survey
  • Community feature for chat, support and engagement
  • Drip fed content to avoid decision fatigue
  • 6 Week Wellbeing Report

Employer purchase:

  • £1-3  per employee per month (saving £93 per month on RRP)
  • Paid annually plus VAT
  • Flexible purchasing for 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of employees

Employee Purchase*

  • £67 per month  (saving £30 per month on RRP)
  • No contract or minimum term, cancel anytime
  • Employer must have purchased and completed the Wellbeing Warrior Strategy  

Podfit Livestream

  • Podfit or Company Branding 
  • App based sessions
  • Appointment based for added accountability
  • Add to calendar functionality
  • Success strategy call
  • Livestream 30-45 minute workouts with 66 classes every week.
  • Bespoke Company programme
  • Weekly live coaching calls
  • Weekly live Q and A
  • Weekly Attendance Reports

Employer purchase:

  •  £3-9 per month (saving up to £280 per month on RRP 
  •  Paid annually plus VAT
  • Flexible purchasing to suit demand and budget.  

Employee Purchase*

  • £97 per month  (saving £200 per month on RRP)
  • No contract or minimum term, cancel anytime
  • Employer must have purchased and completed the Wellbeing Warrior Strategy  

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The  Podfit Toolkit For Home Workforces

Does it worry you that on average, only 5-10% of employees engage in your wellbeing programme? Do you know what the 3 huge human behavioural psychology barriers, that prevent your workforce from engaging are?  Furthermore, do you know the ONLY solution to overcoming them? Two thirds of your workforce will have at least one of these barriers and a third will have all three, so unless you really understand those human behavioural barriers and the only solution, you will never have an engaging, diverse home workforce wellbeing programme and your staff your business will suffer because of it.


What is the difference between podfit livestream and wellbeing livestream?

Podfit livestream is a stand alone product with a stand alone bespoke app to handle a zoom style video conferencing system.  It is appointment based, with push and email reminder notifications and the sessions are fully interactive with an instructor who can see the participants, talk with them and correct their form.  The Wellbeing livestream is led by an instructor and participants can send chat, but the instructor does not have access to the participants video or audio.  Both have their merits,  its really up to you to decide the best option for your business.

Can we mix and match what services we buy?

Yes.  If you want to purchase one service for some employees and another service for others, that is normal and we can cater for this hybrid model easily.

How do we acces the online courses?

There are two main ways to access the online content.  The first and easiest way is via the Podfit Wellbeing App.  The second is via the Podfit website with appropriate login credentials.

How often do classes run?

Classes run between 6am and 8pm and there are 66 weekly classes

what is the wellbeing warrior strategy?

A which is a unique system to support your employees and to help them move well, eat well, drink well, think well and sleep well. Fromm increasing engagement, to identifying departmental wellbeing warriors to support your ongoing needs, 

Week 1:  Implementation Intention mastermind. Learn how to get more of your workforce exercising at home.  Love it or hate it, there are numerous studies showing how exercise improves both physical and mental wellbeing – and increases happiness. 

Week 2. A recent workplace wellbeing report found that employees' emotional wellbeing has been negatively affected. One of the most obvious signs of negative emotional behaviour is eating poorly.  Discover a simple nutritional strategy designed to combat emotional eating.

Week 3. Burnout due to balancing work/life is a new challenge and anxiety is at an all time high for remote workforces. The guilt of putting on the washing at 10am, the blurred lines of work/life that sees emails being sent at 1am and the knock on effect of that email, with other colleagues who think they should be working at 1am too.  70% of organisations do not help employees improve sleep habits.  Discover the the use of mindfulness and improved sleep, along with exercise can reduce anxiety.

Week Four:  Identifying departmental workplace warriors and discovering the best ways to market your programme.  You can’t do this alone, so let’s identify and engage with some of your workforce and work with them with their needs. 

Week 5.  Bad habits make time your enemy. Good habits make time your ally.  Learn how to help your workforce with the power to build long lasting lifestyle change.

Week 6.  93 percent of UK employees feel more lonely and less connected to their colleagues  and nearly 50 percent of remote employees rate their social wellbeing negatively. Learn how the use of challenges and communities can help your workforce to be more connected.

Can employees buy this individually?

Yes, both programme are independently purchase, however if you purchase the Wellbeing Warrior Strategy and decide not to purchase this for your workforce, they will get a still get a huge discount.