Cancelling Your Direct Debit

We really don't want to see you leave.  However, we are confident that when you do want to leave, it's because you have achieved your goals and you are ready to train independently.  We have worked extremely hard on being able to deliver the best fitness and lifestyle programmes available to you, so please make sure you understand and respect our terms of cancellation.

Before You Cancel


Term Completion

Contracts are 6 months and require a full 2 month notice period.  All contracts repeat for the same term​, unless cancelled. You cannot cancel your contract until the minimum term has been met.  If a contract renews, you must complete the full term again before you leave.



A full 2 month notice period is required.  All contracts begin on the 1st of the month, so if you hand in your notice on the 6th of the month, the two month notice period will not begin until the 1st of the next month.​ If your contract is set to renew in this period, ​the full term will need to be completed before you leave. 

What This Means

​If you want to leave at the end of your 6 month intitial term, you must give notice before the end of month 4.  Podfit is not responsible for notifying you of these date and it is your responsiblity to make sure you are aware of your contract renewal dates.



If you have a serious, life threatening illness or you are relocating more than 30 miles from the nearest studio, we will cancel your contract with 1 months paid notice at any point in your contract.  The month will begin upon succesful clarification of your situation.

I Am Ready To Leave and Exercise Independently