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When you become a Podfit family member, you will get one of our welcome toolkits, with lots of useful motivational and educational resources, from food tracking sheets to a wellbeing journal; from a booking app to a wellbeing app, with on demand workouts and 28 day challenges. A water bottle, yoga mat and lots more. We do this to make getting started easier, with focus and attention to detail, so that you are confident about your goals and that you are confident that you will achieve them with Podfit.

Welcome To The Podfit Virtual Training  Mega Sale.  

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Personal Training 

We know from years of experience, getting started is hard.  And when you finally start, it's hard to keep going. If you have a busy week with work, you might not get chance to exercise and that can be hugely demotivating, especially if you have paid for training. Now, imagine you get a lifetime offer, so that you can train in periods of the year where you are motivated and never feel cheated or that you have wasted any money for periods where you are too busy.  The same accountability and support, but never having to pay for personal training again......

 Personal Training Offer 1

Train 1 session every week and get unlimited virtual training

Personal Training Offer 2

Train 2 sessions every week and get unlimited virtual training


Personal Training Offer 

Train as many times as you want every week week and get unlimited virtual training

85% Off Virtual Training Special Offer

Since Covid-19, we have employed specialist virtual trainers and created a virtual training studio, set up perfectly for sound and vision, utilising the highest specifications in all of our equipment.  We have also developed a livestream app, where you book and join from with the app.  It all means for a great customer experience. And to celebrate our official launch, we are offering you an early adopter rate for this amazing app.

Use Promo Code: PF85 for Any Virtual Training Purchase

Use Promo Code: PF85 for Any Virtual Training Purchase

Virtual Fitness Is Here To Stay and here are some reasons why.

  • Time will be on your side
  • You will break a sweat at your preferred location
  • Your confidence will skyrocket
  • You will feel more motivated
  • You will receive professional guidance and accountability
  • You will get amazing results
  • .

    Virtual Training

    Get the Free Podfit Wellbeing App

    Fit & Strong

    Feel fit and strong, so that you have more energy at the end of the day to enjoy playing with your kids.

    In Control of your Weight

    Feel in control of your long term health, so that you no longer worry about it all the time.


    Have a toned body, so that when you look in the mirror, you see a lean body that makes you want to put on your favourite summer clothes.


    Feel full of confidence, so that when you walk out of the door, you walk with the stride and the confidence of an Emperor Penguin.


    Feel energised, giving you the power to make good decisions all day and still find time for family, friends and loved ones every day of the week.

    Well Rested

    Sleep well every night, because you have made sleep your best friend and not your enemy, so that you wake up energised and positive and ready for the day.



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