We guide you every step of the way, so that you can't fail.

Click the link and we will tell you everything you need to know about the best 6 week transformation programme anywhere on the market.  Click the link or watch the video and see why we are different, why we know we can help you and how we will help you in just 6 weeks, for less than the price of a coffee a day, so you can afford it.

personal trainer in york

The 10 minute take home

10 Minute Take Home is a live weekly broadcast, inspiring you to take action and gain control of your wellbeing. The topics will be based around  5 key wellbeing principles, with a free high quality resource offered at the end of the broadcast.

The Podfit Toolkit

A proven strategy to help you start your fitness journey, to help you overcome the fear of failure and to increase your IMPLEMENTATION INTENTION

We work with  real people, just like YOU

NOW it's your turn to be our next success story.  Here's how we will help you get into the best shape of your life..

What we do

Our team will listen and allow you to fully express your goals and your fears about getting started with our personal training services.

"I know that our Personal Training works and  I have been working with clients for 10 years, which is a huge honour.  I also know that nearly all of them were fearful when they began and it's ok if you feel that way too."  Neil Owens, Founder

"You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great".

Zig Ziglar

 We Will Remove Your Barriers To Exercise.

Podfit Personal Training is not a big gym.  We have a very private personal training studio, with individual personal training zones, so you will never wait around or feel intimidated by a typical gym floor.

We Use The Podfit 5 Fitness Formula.

If you think well, eat well, move well, drink well and sleep well, you will look and feel amazing. We have developed the Podfitness Toolkit to address all of those areas of your life.

We Are Committed  To  Your Results.

We have created a non-intimidating and encouraging community of members and personal trainers that will make your personal training experience enjoyable and the results you achieve will be achieve long-lasting.

Podfit Training Options

Personal Training

Train in your own fully equipped private training zone (Covid safety partitioned shown in video) and learn how to lift weights safely.  We will  work on your core and fitness and build  you a strong, lean, confident body

Virtual Training

rain with us virtually via the Podfit App either 1-2-1 or in a group and get all the benefits of exercise with an expert training team

Corporate Wellbeing

Our corporate wellbeing will improve your company’s business performance by improving the physical and mental health of your workforce

why we do it

I want to give you a great life .

I'm a big U2 fan.  You might be asking yourself, "what has that got to do with my fitness goals?"  I agree with you, my love of U2 won't help get you fit.  But here's the thing, every time U2 play a concert (I've got a lot of experience in this field) Bono says to the crowd, "Thanks for giving us a great life"  That struck such a chord with me.  Their music makes my life better.  

So my mission, my reason for running this business is to try on some level to be like U2.  I Want to give you a great life. I want to help you to think well, move well, eat well, drink well and sleep well.  And when you leave Podfit, having established all of those habits, I want you to say, "thank you Podfit Personal Training for giving me a great life".  I hope that strikes a chord with you too (U2-get what I did there?!!!!) Neil Owens, Founder

How we do it

A clear mission with great products to support your personal training.

Personal Training in York

Free 7 Day Virtual Training Trial

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What Our Clients Say About Our Personal Training Services


Back Pain

Fixed lower back pain and lost over 10kg


Weight Loss, Fitness

Lost 6 stone and ran a marathon

Personal Training in York


Climbed Everest

Neil is quite simply the most complete fitness trainer I know. He covers your whole lifestyle which is the only true way to health. He also brings his experience as a teacher to his approach. He listens carefully and adjusts his approach to maximise benefit and protect us at the same time.



Alex is a great personal trainer. He tailors the sessions to be able to challenge me but also to increase my confidence in my own ability. I would highly recommend Podfit and feel very comfortable there, everyone is so friendly. This is so much more than a gym, David advises on diet and lifestyle choices and helps me set challenging goals that I would never have even thought about doing on my own.

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We're a friendly bunch and we want to help, so take the plunge and get ready for a fitter you!

26 Market Street, York, YO18SJ, Uk



Contact Information

Find us here: 26 Market Street

Email:  info@podfit.co.uk

Phone: 01904631539

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