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Refer A Friend or Colleague and Give the Gift of Health

Although we do some advertising, the primary way we grow our business is through word-of-mouth referrals.

I would rather reward you and our other clients with valuable gifts in return for your referrals, than spend money on more advertising.

Because you have experienced firsthand how great it feels to take control of your health and fitness, it just makes sense that you’d want to share the good news with your friends, family and associates.

Having a Personal trainer represents a person being prepared to invest time and money in themselves. We all buy clothes to look and feel good, we buy holidays to feel rested and we buy smaller items like coffee and take always. We all spend money going out to enjoy life. You can't enjoy any of these if you don't have your health and really, your health is something everyone should always be prepared to invest in. So please fill out that form today and let us help someone begin investing in their health and fitness.​

No Pressure, No Phone Calls, No Selling – All We Do Is Email Your Friends A FREE Gift of Health!

It’s just that simple. We don’t call, pressure or sell your friends on our services. All we do is email them a free Gift Certificate entitling them a free week of personal training with us.

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That way they can try us out at no cost whatsoever, and determine for themselves if our services are a good fit for them. As you know, personal training really has to be experienced to be appreciated.

We’ll also email them a complete Info-Pak, including our useful information that will educate them about how we can help improve their health and fitness.

And we’ll send everything to them with your compliments. Because there is no greater gift you can give to someone than the gift of health.

Refer A Friend Today & Receive A Reward Of Your Choice

If they do become a client of ours I will give you a choice of three rewards.

  1. A free Personal Training session
  2. A Fenwick's or John Lewis Vouchers
  3. ​Enter our prize draw for a free month of training

There is no limit to the amount of referrals you can give.