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Podfit personal training is unique. At Podfit, we combine the latest Personal Training techniques in functional training, with best practices in nutrition and mindset motivation and the most dedicated team of personal trainers in York. The end result is a personal training experience that has a proven track record of delivering client results, every time.  That’s one of the reasons why we are the only award winning Personal Trainer service in York.

The Podfit Personal training philosophy is to build pillar strength including the hips, shoulders and core and to build strong muscles (including the heart) around it.  

Pictured Below:  Pod 1.  A fully equipped training zone to maximise your workout and training comfort.

Personal Trainer York
Personal Trainer York

Podfit personal training focuses on 4 main areas of development to help you hit your goals as quickly as possible and to make sure you are completely confident when you begin training independently.

  • Lifestyle Mindset
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Education

Lifestyle Mindset. This is fundamental to the success of our training programmes.  Its ok knowing what to do, but its another thing to know how to make successfully changes to your current exercise, nutrition and lifestyle and to make them stick.  We do this with our award winning Habit Transformation Programme. We spend time with our clients with an initial lifestyle consultation and identify habits that the client would like to change in order to become healthier, fitter and successful.  We use a proven strategy including individual weekly habit coaching, group coaching, and habit accountability tracking using our client habit starter kit. 

Personal Trainer York

Exercise.  Exercise is unique at Podfit for 3 reasons.  Firstly, we have a totally unique training environment.  The studio has 3 identical, fully equipped training zones, with clients working for their entire time in one training zone.  They will never have to wait for equipment, feel intimidated by an overcrowded gym floor, or be distracted from their workout.  This allows maximal training intensity and gets clients hitting goals more quickly than any other training environment.  Secondly, at Podfit, we train movement not muscles. The human body does not move in isolation.  The things that we do in daily life like getting into a car, or sitting in a chair do not isolate the arm muscles or the leg muscles.  So we focus on functional movements that help to create genuine pillar strength (hip, core and shoulder stability).  These 3 areas provide a centre axis for the body to move efficiently.  Instead of looking at movements as coming out of the arms and legs, remember that perfect posture starts at the pillar. If you can master the following three elements of pillar strength—shoulder stability, core stability and hip stability—both working out and in everyday movement, you will go a long way toward a healthier life.  Thirdly, we continually cycle your body through 5 essential phases of training, so you are always challenging and progressing your body in new ways. 

  • If this sounds at all scientific; its because it is and lots of research has proven that working this way builds a stronger and leaner body, with less injuries and better daily function and sleep.

 Nutrition.  We believe that real food has only got one ingredient and that you should eat as many calories as you can to hit and maintain your goals.  We believe in nourishment, not punishment and no foods are forbidden, however the balance of foods that you will learn to love eating will reduce body lipid (fat) levels, reduce inflammation, generate consistent energy and help sleep patterns. The Habit Transformation Programme underpins the nutrition philosophy and our clients develop nutritional habits that follow this nutritional mindset. We have lots of recipes and plans, including guidelines for eating out with friends, how to network and eat well and we have complete plans for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans, including meal plans, recipes and shopping lists.

Education.  Every day is a school day!  Educating you is fundamental to your long term success, so we teach you how to establish good habits and teach you how to implement this into your lifestyle.  We teach you about the right foods for your body and we teach you about the best movements for your body.  We also make sure that we teach you about key points in performing the exercises which will keep you lean and strong. 

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